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Lia weijtsAs a holistic Health and Wellness coach and a specialist in posture, movement and motoric skills a want to talk about the importance of moving the body. Especially now we are all forced to be more at home , have more stress and a lot of us are working behind a computer all day.
When we think of moving, we think quickly sports and the positive relationship between moving and weight. Of course they are strongly related but the importance of moving the body goes way on beyond that.


Body: Did you know by moving your body, you are strengthening and leaning your muscles, improve your bone density, lubricating your joints improve your motoric skills. Moving let your blood flow in all the little veins and improves lymph stream that’s important for your immunity. Moving the body has also a positive effect on your bowl movements, and all your fluids are getting more liquid. So very good and necessary for the body.

Spirit: Moving the body let your energy flow and your chakra’s are more in alignment. Moving increases feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin and makes you feel more happy and relaxed and soften pain. We all know the feeling after a workout or a Yoga Class on a day you are really tired after work. When you did that workout or yoga class anyway most people say that they feel more relaxed, happy and energized and more physically tired instead of having a tired brain. The sleep is then more relaxed and deeply, so the body and the mind are better restored in the night.

Mind: But also your mind, your brain has better functions during and after moving. Professor C. Hillman has found that your brain in slowing down when sitting still. But when you move the body the brain activity is increasing a lot. Brain systems work better and communicate better. Hormone systems are better in tune. So you feel better but also get smarter by moving your body.







So please keep moving your body every day especially now with this pandemic: Walk in Nature( or your own garden when you are in lock down), go on your bicycle , follow a Yoga class online, run up and down the stairs, jump rope and be creative in ways to move.
But also little movement breaks behind your computer can already help like circle your shoulders, 5 times standing up and sitting down again. Make a cycling motion with your legs, Move your pelvis from front to back and stretch yourself.
Lia Weijts

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